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5 Steps to Protect Yourself Against An HVAC Emergency in Maumelle, AR

It can be extremely upsetting to have your HVAC system abruptly break down on you. Even if you’re ultimately able to get professional help to take care of whatever has gone wrong, an emergency like this can disrupt your life and leave you uncomfortable until a technician resolves it. Here are five tips you can use to minimize the possibility of facing an HVAC emergency in your Maumelle, AR home.

1. Arrange for Regular Maintenance

There are many reasons why it is crucial to schedule professional maintenance for your HVAC system at least once, and preferably twice, per year. Although there are some things you can do on your own to decrease the chance of sudden HVAC problems, professional HVAC technicians have skills and knowledge that you probably don’t possess. Their expertise gives them the ability to detect potential issues before they can grow serious enough to cripple your entire system.

In addition to this preventive function, HVAC maintenance can ward off a financial emergency. If, despite your best efforts, your HVAC system fails, you’ll need to pay for significant repairs or even a system replacement. HVAC manufacturer’s warranties will only cover the costs of such things if you can prove that your system has received regular maintenance.

2. Change Your Filters

Airflow is one of the most significant determinants of HVAC system performance, and lack of it can lead to a great many problems. HVAC system filters play a vital role in cleaning the air that flows into your home, and as a result, they can become dirty after a while. As dirt and other pollutants gather on the mesh of your filters, they can choke off airflow through your system and eventually cause some major malfunctions.

That’s why it’s important to regularly replace the filters in both your air conditioner and your furnace. You should do this at least every 90 days.

3. Pay Attention to Your Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats continuously gather data from both your HVAC system and the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. They do this to better match your HVAC system’s behavior to your habits, saving you money on energy.

A smart thermostat can also alert you to unusual system behavior and remind you to schedule maintenance or change your filters. Pay attention to these alerts, and request professional help when they indicate the need for it.

4. Listen for Problems

Your ears are some of the most important tools you have for spotting HVAC issues, but you must know what to listen for. When they work normally, HVAC systems shouldn’t make any noise beyond a slight hum. If you haven’t used your furnace for a while, you might temporarily hear some popping as hot air flows into your ducts and expands them.

When things go wrong, however, your system might make all sorts of bizarre noises. You might hear banging, rattling, hissing, squealing or grinding, and each of these has its own meaning. It’s an HVAC technician’s job to find out exactly what’s wrong and fix it.

5. Use Your Nose

Your nose is just as valuable a problem-detection tool as your ears because malfunctioning HVAC systems can also give off weird odors. As with the noises discussed above, each smell has its own particular cause.

For example, a sweet or ether-like smell usually means that some refrigerant has leaked out of your AC. A burning smell could mean that your furnace is overheating or wire coatings are hot, and the smell of rotten eggs might mean that you have a natural gas leak or a small animal has crawled into your system and died.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A few simple habits can help shield you and your home in Maumelle, AR from an HVAC emergency. Call us at Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling to schedule HVAC services to prevent or fix any problem.

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