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7 Questions to Ask Any Potential Maumelle, AR HVAC Contractor

Finding a reliable HVAC contractor in Maumelle, AR, may be a challenging task, but interviewing potential contractors is the most thorough way to select a contractor who maximizes your AC energy efficiency and cost savings. Here are seven things to ask an HVAC professional in order to guarantee you select the right one.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

The majority of HVAC professionals offer a variety of basic services such as AC and heating installation, maintenance, and repair. Some contractors also provide refrigeration, geothermal, commercial HVAC, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality testing. Choosing a contractor who specializes in a wide range of HVAC services is especially advantageous because the firm can assist you in achieving optimum indoor comfort and cost savings.

2. What Credentials Do Your Technicians Hold?

You should also make it a point to inquire about the contractor’s training stipulations. Having formal certification or training in heating and air conditioning will guarantee the technicians provide high-quality services that will save you money in the long run by enhancing HVAC efficiency.

3. What’s Your Experience?

When dealing with HVAC systems, experience is as vital as training and certification. You need a professional that has experience with instances similar to yours so that the contractor can help prolong the lifecycle of your HVAC unit and enhance the energy efficiency of your equipment. Although not all Maumelle, AR, HVAC companies will have 50-plus years of expertise, you should pick one with professionals that have extensive experience.

4. Where Can I Get Your References and Reviews?

HVAC firms that are at the forefront tend to have an internet presence. Aside from those that are readily available on a company’s website, you can typically get reviews by running a Google search. A basic search will allow you to see the contractor’s business profile, along with a handful of reviews.

You may browse through current and previous clients’ experiences with the contractor by clicking on the reviews. Look for testimonials that emphasize how the contractor assisted the client in saving money.

5. Do You Have an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Annual HVAC tune-ups are essential for optimal HVAC operation. Maintenance can return your equipment back to like-new shape, as well as avert up to 95% of malfunctions. To stay valid, most HVAC unit warranties necessitate regular maintenance as well.

Because tune-ups are necessary in any case, it may be ideal to go with a provider that provides a maintenance program. Membership advantages may include privileges such as priority service in an emergency. A competent contractor will also alert you when it’s time to undertake maintenance in order to prevent invalidating your warranty.

6. Do You Perform Load Estimation on New Installations?

Before installation, a Manual J load estimate is the only method to appropriately size an HVAC system. A unit that is not adequately sized will not keep your Maumelle, AR, house comfortable. Instead, continuous wear and tear will cause the system to overwork, waste power and have a reduced service life.

Some HVAC companies may install a new system dependent on the capacity of your old one. Without first conducting a load calculation, however, there is no way to ascertain whether a same-sized system is still the right system for your house.

7. What Kinds of Systems Do You Provide?

A professional HVAC contractor will keep current on HVAC technology and provide innovative systems that considerably improve cooling and heating efficiency. When you switch to a new and more efficient unit, you will save dollars on your energy costs and your HVAC unit will last longer.

Contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling for all your Maumelle, AR HVAC maintenance needs. Our expert professionals provide quality and professional services focusing on air conditioning, heating, Ductless AC, indoor air quality and more to keep your system as efficient and high-performing as possible.

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