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How to Make Sure Your AC System Is Running Efficiently

Summers in Cabot, AR, are scorching hot, making you want to stay indoors to cool off. It is important to make sure your air conditioning is running as it should in order to save on costs and repairs. You can keep your AC system free from excessive repairs by following the tips below.

Inspect Filters

One of the most basic steps required during HVAC maintenance that our professionals will perform is inspecting air filters. It’s important to clean air filters on a routine basis to ensure air can flow through your home. Excess dust and debris can even lead to the increased presence of air pollutants in your home.

You should replace your air filters regularly according to the type of filter your system uses, and some require monthly replacements. You will find the filters by your air handler, and inside return air vents.


It is important to have the coils in your air conditioning unit inspected yearly, as these assist in keeping the air cool in your home. If you have a dirty air filter, dust and dirt will tend to collect on the coils. The dirt on the coil will contribute to the circulation of pollutants in your home.

Other problems occur when coils collect dirt. The dirt could become a form of insulation on the parts, preventing heat absorption by the coils. Our professionals can clean the coils to keep your home as cool as possible, as no heat absorption means the coils are unable to pull the heat from your home.

Coil Fins

You will need to have more than the coil inspected in your air condenser, as there are multiple parts. There are pieces called coil fins found on both the evaporator and the condenser coils. Aluminum is the material used for coils fins, meaning that the metal is not a strong material.

Since the coil fins’ material is aluminum, the coils bend easily. This can prevent the coils from working efficiently, depending on which coil. A professional from our company will use a fin comb to pull these parts back to their original condition.

Condensation Drain

Drains in an air handler can become clogged like drains in a plumbing system. Our professionals will inspect the condensation drains to prevent clogs. You do not want excess buildup in these drains, as it could cause your AC system to stop cooling and the backup of water could cause damage to a nearby ceiling or floor if the drain pan overflows.

Change Thermostat Settings

Your energy bills will be much more efficient, and you will save more money if you change your thermostat temperatures. Most people set their thermostats to 72 or lower all year round. You can save money and make your air conditioner last longer by changing it by one degree.

You can start out by making your air conditioner one degree warmer in the summer. If you are still comfortable, try one more degree. You can continue experimenting until you find your limit in the temperatures you are comfortable, saving you significant money in the long run.

Inspect the Ductwork

Our professionals typically inspect your ductwork during a maintenance appointment. There could be cracks, separations, or holes that you do not know about. These leaks in your ductwork allows the cool air to escape into your attic, costing your more on your monthly utility bills.

These leaks will also force your AC system to have to work even harder to try and cool your home. Your AC system will think it is not circulating enough cool air, requiring it to push more out. It is important to have these leaky locations repaired as soon as possible.

You should always have routine maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. The tips above will assist you in saving money, will ensure your air conditioner works properly and will reduce expensive repairs. Contact our professionals at Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling for your air conditioning servicing needs, whether you require repair or maintenance.

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