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The Six Most Common HVAC Myths

When it comes to HVAC systems, there are a lot of misconceptions. These misconceptions may prevent people from using their systems to their full potential. Here are a few common myths about HVAC systems in Little Rock, AR, and why they’re incorrect.

1. Only Need to Change Filters Once Per Year

One common misconception is that you only need to change your HVAC system’s filter once per year. This is incorrect and can even shorten your system’s lifespan. A multitude of HVAC problems are due to dirty air filters, so changing the air filter whenever it’s dirty is crucial to having a healthy HVAC system.

If you don’t change your HVAC system’s filter, it’ll become full of dust, dirt and bacteria, which will negatively impact your air quality and could cause respiratory illnesses for you or a family member. It’ll also aggravate allergies and affect people who already suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Your HVAC filter should be checks monthly, changed every 3 months or sooner if it tends to become dirty fairly quickly.

2. A Bigger HVAC System Is Always Better

Installing a bigger HVAC system isn’t always better; in fact, it can actually cause a lot of problems. If the system you install is too big, it could suffer from issues such as short cycling. You need to look for a system that’s the perfect size for your home; getting a system that’s too big will expend more energy and likely will have more costly repairs.

3. Regular Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

Another misconception is that it’s not necessary for your system to receive consistent annual maintenance. This simply isn’t true because if your system doesn’t receive a regular checkup, then you might not be able to catch certain minor internal issues before they become major issues. Having your HVAC system checked at least annually by an HVAC technician will allow them to inspect your system and catch small issues before they become larger problems.

If you choose not to schedule regular maintenance for your system, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run when this small issue become a major problem.

4. You Can Save Money by Closing Vents in Empty Rooms

Closing a vent in an empty room won’t save you any money; in fact, it could actually cause damage your system. Air is still flowing to the vent even if the vents are closed, which can cause the air pressure to build up inside your ducts and damage your home’s ventilation system. This pressure can also cause damage to your system’s blower fan, which is why it’s best to leave all vents open around your home.

5. Fans Help Cool Rooms

Having a ceiling fan on doesn’t actually lower the temperature of a room; it just directs the air inside the room towards you. It gives the illusion of temperature dropping due to wind chill, similar to how a gust of wind on a hot day will cool you down without actually changing the temperature outside. The temperature of the room stays the same, so leaving a fan on once you leave the room won’t lower the temperature, but it will raise your electric bill.

6. Setting the Thermostat to Extreme Levels Will Make It Work Faster

Some people believe that if you set your thermostat to an extremely low temperature or an extremely high temperature, it’ll cause your system to cool down or warm up faster. This isn’t the case; your system will still work at the same rate it always does. This will only cause your system to stay running for a longer period of time to reach that extreme temperature, which will expend more energy and raise your monthly utility bill.

There are any number of myths and misconceptions that people have about HVAC systems that cause them to lose money and use their system incorrectly. Your HVAC system needs the proper attention, so contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling for professional HVAC maintenance on a regular basis.

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