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What to Expect From a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Keeping your commercial HVAC system running in top condition is essential for your Cabot, Arkansas, business. The health and comfort of your employees and customers should always be at the forefront of your mind. Employee productivity increases when the temperature is set at a comfortable level. Customers will stay longer while shopping or dining in an environment that feels enjoyable. Clean air is vitally important as well to help keep employees and guests healthy. Let’s explore what to expect from a commercial HVAC appointment and the benefits your business will receive.

Heating and Cooling Tests Are Performed

Your commercial HVAC system works hard year-round to keep your business cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In order to ensure that the system is efficiently heating or cooling your building, our professional technicians will do a temperature check. We will perform an air test and balance to determine if each area, or zone, of the building is receiving the proper amount of air to sufficiently heat or cool that space.

Once finished with the air balance test, our technicians may need to make minor adjustments to airflow in certain areas of the building to ensure even temperature control. If the HVAC system is properly sized for the building and air balance is obtained, your employees and customers should feel comfortable throughout the entire building.

Refrigerant Levels Are Checked

The refrigerant is one of the most important components of your HVAC’s air conditioning system. Without it, air could not be cooled or charged enough to keep your building at a pleasant temperature. Inside the coils and fins of your air conditioner lies the refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat and releases it into the outside through a complex process of air blowing over the coils. The refrigerant levels contained within the loop of coils inside the air conditioning system need occasional refilling to work properly.

Refrigerant naturally reduces by small amounts throughout the year and needs refilling periodically. If there are any leaks found, our technicians will fix them and refill the refrigerant to sufficient levels. The refrigerant is a potent gas and should only be handled by licensed and certified technicians. Don’t try and do this yourself!

Cleaning and Inspection of the AC and Heating Units

In addition to checking refrigerant levels, the AC unit gets cleaned and inspected for signs of leaks and wear and tear. Cleaning the evaporator, condenser, coils, and fins allow air to blow over them unobstructed. If clogged with dirt and debris, the cooling system will not cool the building sufficiently.

The ignition system of the heating unit needs cleaning to ensure proper firing so the burners will work properly. The motor and blower fan work hard to keep warm air blowing into your business. Our technicians check for wear and tear on the motor and for signs of fraying on the belts of the blower fan. All thermostats get calibrated, and the rooftop and the outside units of the HVAC system are cleaned. After these tasks, your commercial HVAC system will be performing at peak efficiency.

Duct Inspection

The ductwork in your system carries both hot and cold air from the air handler. If there are leaks within the distribution ductwork, hot and cold air will not be delivered properly to the areas it needs to go. If there are dirt, dust, or pest infestations within the system, the HVAC system has to work harder to deliver the temperature controlled air.

This results in overworking of the system, reducing its lifespan, and potentially causing expensive repairs. In addition, clean ductwork allows healthier air into the building, keeping your employees and customers free from poor indoor air quality.

As you can see, maintenance on your commercial HVAC system is vitally important for keeping occupants comfortable and happy, for minimizing expensive repairs, and for extending the life expectancy of the investment of your commercial HVAC system.

Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling is a licensed commercial HVAC contracting company. To schedule an appointment to have your commercial system maintained or serviced, call us today at (501) 764-9077.

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