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Why A Heat Pump is the Efficient Choice for Your Home

If you’re looking for an efficient solution for heating and cooling your Vilonia, Arkansas, home, investing in a heat pump may be the right choice. While you may not be as familiar with heat pumps as with traditional air conditioning systems, they are actually one of the most effective, efficient tools for controlling the temperature in your home. In addition to improving your comfort, heat pumps can save you money in several ways. Here are some things you should know about heat pumps, including how they work and how they can lower your energy costs.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump transfers heat energy. By moving heat energy inside and outside of your home, a heat pump is able to control the temperature in your house during both the summer and the winter.

During cooler times of the year, it will extract warm air from outside and then transfers it inside of your house. In warmer months, it will functions similarly to an air conditioner by extracting heat energy from the air inside your house and pumping it outside. Because a heat pump transfers energy instead of producing hot or cold air, it is highly efficient, and can be a great choice for homeowners in moderate-winter locations.

One Unit to Heat and Cool

The main reason that a heat pump is a great choice for efficiency-minded homeowners is that you’ll only need one unit to both heat and cool your home. In terms of money, this means that installing your system will be considerably easier than other options because you’ll only need to install the heat pump instead of both an air conditioner and heater.

Having a single heating and cooling unit also means you’ll spend less on maintenance costs. So, if you want to save money up-front and in the long-term, a heat pump can be an excellent choice.

A Heat Pump Controls Humidity

Heat pumps are very effective at controlling humidity levels. Some even offer two different modes that can regulate humidity levels in your home, including a dry mode that can help remove excess moisture. Controlling humidity is important. If there’s too much moisture, your home will feel warmer than it actually is, and you may lower the temperature on your thermostat and use more energy to stay cool. If this is the case, you’ll feel cooler, but the air will feel clammy. This is an indication that your cooling system isn’t effectively removing enough moisture from your home.

Not only does controlling the moisture in your air improve the efficiency of your system, but it will also boost your comfort. With the ideal humidity level, not only will you be more comfortable in your home, but you’ll be less at risk for respiratory issues that can result from both dry and overly humid air.

A Heat Pump Consumers Less Energy

The main way that heat pumps save you money is reducing the amount of energy you consume when heating and cooling your home. In particular, heat pumps offer more efficient heating than other options, helping you to save money.

Furnaces use gas or electricity to create warm air, heat pumps warm your home by taking heat energy from outside your house and transferring it inside. This is a much more efficient system that will save you considerable money on your energy bills.

While cooling your house, your heat pump should also use less electricity than is required for an air conditioner. So, whether you’re heating or cooling your house, your heat pump should save you money.

Now that you know about some of the money-saving benefits of heat pumps, you can schedule a heat pump installation by calling Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling at (501) 764-9077. We’ll help you choose the heat pump that’s right for your home and then complete the installation quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits of a new heat pump.

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