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3 Common Causes of a Short Cycling Furnace in Maumelle, AR

Short cycling is an error that occurs when a furnace turns on and off quickly and doesn’t complete a full heating cycle. Here are three things that might cause the furnace in your Maumelle, AR home to short cycle.

1. Airflow Problems

Airflow problems most commonly happen because of old and dirty air filters that become clogged. If your furnace keeps producing hot air, this can cause it to overheat and shut down.

However, because your thermostat will still send the message to warm your home, it will try to force your furnace to work through this problem. The result commonly manifests itself as short cycling. Therefore, you should remember to replace your air filters about once every three months.

2. Gas Flow Problems

Another important set of issues relates to gas flow and can sometimes prevent your furnace from igniting. A serious gas flow problem will probably shut your heating system down completely, but a more minor one may lead to short cycling.

If the furnace’s valves or pilot light orifice are dirty or sustain damage, gas might not flow through them. You might also have gas flow difficulties if your gas regulator malfunctions. Professional heating technicians can deal with all of these things while conducting either repairs or maintenance.

3. Your Furnace is Too Large

Finally, the root of your problem may go back to your furnace’s original installation. Your heating system may simply be too big for your home, causing it to heat the closest rooms too quickly and turn off before the rooms furthest from the system are heated. Here, the only solution is to reinstall another furnace that is of the appropriate size.

You should not allow furnace short cycling to go on without seeking professional help. Call Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling in Maumelle, AR and ask for our heating repair services.

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