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The humidity levels during the summer months in Maumelle, Arkansas, tend to get very high. Your central air conditioner should remove excess moisture from the air, but if it’s not working properly, you might notice some warning signs of high humidity. Keep an eye out for these signs of too much moisture so you can combat the problem before it causes severe damage.

Heavy, Wet Air

When it’s hot and humid outside, you can feel the difference. The air feels heavy and wet, making it hard to breathe. You might also notice that exposure to humidity can make your hair and body feel damp and clammy, similar to the feeling you have when you first get out of the shower. The air might also have a damp or earthy odor, which can indicate the presence of biological growth that occurs when the moisture levels are too high. It’s hard to get comfortable in a space with high humidity.

Moisture on the Windows and Walls

Condensation and water droplets on your walls, windows, and mirrors are also indicative of too much moisture in your home. Wet stains on the walls or ceilings might start to appear, or you could spot warping in your wood flooring after it’s been exposed to humidity. Carpeting might feel damp under your feet, which can cause damage to the soft material and lead to a need for replacement due to biological growth in the pad.

Potential Damage

Excess moisture can cause a lot of damage to your home. Hardwood flooring and carpeting may be permanently damaged when exposed to high levels of moisture, while your wood furniture could be affected too. Electronic devices must stay dry to function properly, so humidity can cause your phone, computer, or tablet to malfunction or stop working entirely. The moisture can also cause issues within your HVAC system, which can impact indoor air quality and efficiency.

Too much moisture in your home is a serious problem, so contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling at (501) 764-9077 if you spot any of these warning signs of high humidity.

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