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Air pollution from animals is a common problem in many households. Although you can’t see them, there are particles coming from your pets at all times. Here are a few ways pets can impact the indoor air quality in your Greenbrier, AR, home.

1. Pet Fur in Your Home

Pets shed fur seasonally and sometimes more as they age. They also shed tiny skin particles and pathogens that can cause respiratory problems. Because pet fur is lightweight, it stays in the air for a long time.

Keep shedding animals out of the bedroom and invest in air purifiers. Air purifiers trap harmful particles in your home.

2. Mites in Your Indoor Air

Pets carry mites that contribute to allergies and asthma in many people. Dogs and cats are common carriers of these mites as they’re often outdoors in their natural habitat. Mite allergens can cause a number of allergic reactions, including sneezing and itchy skin.

To ensure you and your loved ones remain safe, vacuum your home often and wash all animal bedding in hot water regularly. That way, you can minimize breathing in allergens to avoid health issues.

3. Dander and Shedding Animals

Dander is the dead skin that animals shed as they rub themselves against surfaces. People with allergies are often allergic to dander, which causes an immune response. The same thing happens when dust mites die and become airborne and humans breathe them in. It’s important to vacuum often, and keep your pets out of the bedroom.

If you’re thinking of owning a pet, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of ways to reduce or remove allergens in your Greenbrier, AR, home. For example, you should remember to change your air filters every month.

Pets are a part of life, but they can damage the air quality in your home. It’s crucial to maintain clean surfaces and change filters often to reduce the effects of air pollution. For more information about indoor air quality products, contact our team of professionals at Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling.

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