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4 Reasons for a Smelly AC in Maumelle, AR

To your dismay, you may be sitting in a hot, stuffy house where the air conditioner is barely doing anything. Some homeowners ignore the problem, hoping it will go away, but any ongoing issues with a smelly AC unit can be potentially dangerous. This may be why your AC system in Maumelle, AR may be emitting an unpleasant odor.

1. Dirty Air Filters

When your system works properly, it will draw air through the filter and push it into your home or office. However, if you don’t change your filter regularly, this process will cause dust and other particles to build up. These particles can contribute to a smelly AC, blocking vents and causing odors to leak into your home or office.

2. Lack of Duct Cleaning

Ducts are what bring air into and out of your air conditioner, so they’re essential to the operation of your AC system. However, when you don’t clean the ducts properly, they start to trap dirt, dust and other particles inside them that build up over time. This buildup can lead to smells coming from your vents and make it harder for your AC system to function properly.

3. Condensation Buildup

Condensation buildup occurs when cool air from inside your home meets warm air from outside and condenses into moisture. This moisture then attaches itself to the inside walls of your AC unit, and when it dries out again, it leaves behind a smelly odor. If you notice that your AC smells, you can schedule maintenance with professionals.

4. Dead Animals

The first thing that happens is that the animal gets stuck in a filter or ductwork of your AC unit, which means it can’t get out. The animal then decomposes within the ductwork or filter. This causes a rancid odor that is then distributed through your ductwork.

Most of the time, you can solve the problem of a smelly AC by simply cleaning out the filter, ductwork, or having a professional do it for you. However, if you have an ongoing problem with a smelly air conditioner in Maumelle, AR, don’t hesitate to call Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling. We’ll be happy to help improve your indoor air quality.

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