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4 Ways to Efficiently Use Your Heat Pump in Greenbrier, AR

Heat pumps are a popular choice for residential and commercial property owners due to their great efficiency and dependability. Maintaining your heat pump, however, is essential if you want it to work properly. Here are four ways to efficiently use your heat pump in Greenbrier, AR.

1. Set It and Forget It During the Cold Seasons

You should not make drastic adjustments to the temperature of your heat pump. It works best and most efficiently when it holds a steady temperature. While it may seem that adjusting the temperature down overnight may help with efficiency, it will actually use more energy when you need to turn it back up than it would if it stayed at the same setting the entire time.

2. Keep Your Filters Clean

One of the easiest ways to keep your heat pump running efficiently is to change filters on a regular basis. Blocked filters restrict airflow, which causes the system to work harder to produce the same results. In between maintenance visits, be sure to check your filters once a month or even more often if you have pets.

3. Set the Ideal Temperature for Comfort

To efficiently use your heat pump, you should set it to a temperature that’s comfortable for your home or commercial property. This reduces the need to adjust the temperatures.

4. Do Not Use the Auto Mode on Your Heat Pump

When running on “auto” mode, the system will decide when to run hot or cold, depending on the atmospheric conditions of your home or commercial building. While this is an innovative option, it’s not always the best choice. Consider using heat mode to avoid cooling the air unnecessarily.

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