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5 Things to Know About HVAC Warranties in Maumelle, AR

HVAC warranties are important for two reasons: they protect your investment and give you peace of mind. But not all warranties are equal. Here are five things to know about HVAC warranties in Maumelle, AR.

1. Warrant Term

The first thing to look for in a commercial HVAC warranty is the term. Most warranties will last a certain number of years, typically five to ten, but some manufacturers offer longer terms for their top-of-the-line products. If you’re looking for long-term protection, choose a unit with a longer warranty.

2. Warranty Coverage

Some warranties only cover the parts, while others also cover labor. If you choose a warranty that only covers parts, you’ll be responsible for paying for any labor involved with the repairs yourself. Labor-only warranties can be helpful if you have a technician you trust, but they’re not as comprehensive as parts and labor warranties.

3. Extended Warranty

Manufacturers offer extended warranties that you can purchase for an additional fee. These warranties typically cover parts and labor for a longer period, usually five to ten years. Extended warranties can be a good option if you want extra protection for your investment.

4. Installation Warranty

HVAC contractors often offer their warranties on installing your new unit. These warranties cover labor for some time, usually one to two years. Installation warranties can give you peace of mind knowing that the installation company stands behind its work.

5. Voiding the Warranty

Be sure to read the fine print of your warranty carefully. You can void some warranties if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Others may not cover damages from accidents or misuse. Familiarizing yourself with the terms of your warranty can help you avoid any surprises down the road.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, call the Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling experts for professional guidance. We’ll help you choose the right unit for your home and budget and offer comprehensive warranty coverage to protect your investment.

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