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As we move toward the coldest months in the Conway, AR, area, how much confidence do you have in your furnace? If you’ve noticed some subtle signs of trouble or know you need to upgrade to something more energy efficient, a ductless heat pump may catch your interest. Heat pump technology may also fit your home design plans if you’re building a new house or need to add heat and air conditioning to a commercial space. Additions to a home are also prime candidates for duct-free heat pumps.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Instead of burning fuel to generate heat like a furnace, a heat pump pulls air from one source and relocates it to another source. When temperatures drop and you need warmth, a heat pump will pull warm air from the outdoors and pump it into your home or commercial space. In the summer, a pump will pull warm air from your living space and relocate it outdoors. It all works from the same pump, so there’s no need to install separate units for heat and air.

Ductless Heat Pump Benefits

A ductless pump connects an indoor air unit to an outdoor compressor or condenser with refrigerant line. That eliminates complicated ductwork that collects dirt and debris over time. That makes heat pumps easier and faster to install, and the ductless models are often more affordable than duct installation.

One of the biggest advantages to a duct-free heating system is the option for zoning. When indoor air units are placed in different regions of a home or commercial space, you can control them individually. That allows you to provide more heat or air to frequently used zones while saving energy on zones not used regularly.

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient?

Would you believe that more than 30% of the warm air pumped into your home is lost through cracks and other structural weaknesses? It’s true, and the U.S. Department of Energy recommends duct-free heat pumps as a way to eliminate lost energy and improve efficiency.

Is it time to install a ductless heat pump in your home? Learn more about our heat pump services online or give us a call at (501) 764-9077.

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