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Affected by Storms? Find Out How Heavy Rains Can Affect Your AC Unit

Storm season is here, and you may be wondering what kind of damage your Conway, Arkansas, home may sustain from the damaging winds and rain. You may have not realized, but your air conditioning unit can be affected by heavy storms.

How Can Heavy Rain Affect Your Outdoor AC Unit?

The outside unit of your AC system holds many vital components that help your system run effectively. It houses the condenser, the compressor, electrical connections, and the system’s fan. The parts in the outdoor unit are made of copper, aluminum, and plastic to allow them to be weatherproof.

Unfortunately, heavy rains can lead to flooding, which can cause your condenser unit to become partially submerged. When this occurs, the moving parts in your system may have difficulty moving and the lengthy time exposed to water may result in some corrosion that can weaken the parts. If you experience a storm with a lot of lightning, you are also at risk for power surges if it strikes directly or close to an outside unit. This can result in irreparable damage to the compressor.

What You Can Do to Protect Your AC System

When storms occur, there are a few simple tips that can reduce the risk of damage to your outdoor unit. If you are in an area where high water occurs during storms, it may be best to place your unit on a platform that elevates it above the level that the water level normally rises to.

If there is a significant amount of lightning or your unit becomes submerged, you should shut the power off to the unit to prevent electrical issues that can cause irreparable damage. While you usually don’t want to cover your outdoor unit, it may be advisable if the storm has high winds and there is a risk of debris blowing into the system.

Want to know more about how to protect your AC unit from storms? Contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling at (501) 764-9077 today for more information.

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