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Most people use heat pumps in their homes as both air conditioning and heating systems. As the fall season kicks in in Little Rock, AR, you may notice your heating system blowing cold air in heating mode. Read on to learn the possible causes of a heat pump blowing cool air in heating mode.

1. Heat Pump is in Defrost Mode

If you are not familiar with heat pumps, some act as reverse air conditioners. They generate heat by taking cold air, changing it into heat and distributing it evenly in the entire living space. This makes some heating systems redirect heated air in defrost mode.

This feature is helpful when you can’t access or inspect your outdoor unit. Defrost mode melts down any ice build-up on the outdoor unit, making it easy to get to it.

2. Something is Wrong

If you follow all troubleshooting steps on your heat pump’s user guide and the unit is still malfunctioning, contact an HVAC expert to inspect the heating system. Once the technician inspects the unit and ensures it is once again performing properly, ensure the unit has regular inspections and HVAC maintenance to get the most out of your heat pump.

3.Frozen Heat Pump

Heat pumps can frost or create ice on the outdoor coil even during operation. This may happen if the heating system is overworked.

If you detect any ice build-up, your heat pump is shifting temporarily into the cooling mode and reversing the flow of the refrigerant. The hot refrigerant moves to the exterior coil to defrost the system and melt build-up ice when the system is in cooling mode.

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