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How Ductless AC Can Help You Keep Your Cool

Do you want to save money on air conditioning while enjoying a cooler lifestyle in your Conway, Arkansas, home? Here are some good reasons to give ductless AC a closer look:

Freshens Indoor Air

Ductless air conditioning gives you cleaner air than central air conditioners. Advanced, multi-stage filtration traps allergens like pet dander, dust mites, viruses, mildew and bacteria. It also reduces the concentration of harmful fumes and toxic vapors. Because ductwork isn’t involved, you won’t be breathing in contaminants that typically collect in air ducts and circulate throughout a home.

Gives You Custom Indoor Cooling Comfort

One outdoor unit can supply cool air to several indoor units. Each indoor unit governs a particular room or zone and has its own programmable thermostat. Because ductless air conditioning lets you maintain different temperatures in different zones at different times, you’ll enjoy total control over your indoor environment.

Saves Money on Utility Bills

With ductless AC, you cool only the rooms you’re using instead of cooling a whole house. Because no ductwork is involved, your system won’t overwork to make up for the 30 percent of cooled air that’s typically wasted via ductwork leaks. Smaller air handlers used by ductless systems consume less power than the large air handlers used in central cooling systems. These three factors add up to significant savings on monthly energy bills.

Boasts an Easy Installation Process

You only need a three-inch opening in the wall to connect the ductless indoor units to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit requires less space on your property than the bulky outdoor units used by central air conditioners. Compact indoor units are mounted high on the wall where they’re not noticeable, and their noise level is equivalent to that of a ceiling fan. Most installations can be completed in a few hours.

Learn more about how a ductless air conditioner can benefit your Conway, Arkansas, home. Call Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling at (501) 764-9077 to schedule a free installation consultation and get a quote on a new system.

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