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Keeping moisture levels in-check at home will help improve your family’s comfort and health. This is especially important during summer when humidity levels in Conway, Arkansas can get higher than the rest of the year, here’s why.

What is Relative Humidity (RH)?

RH is a percentage ratio that refers to the amount of moisture in the air compared to how much moisture the air can hold at said temperature. The warmer the air, the higher levels of moisture it can absorb. Ideally, RH levels in your home should range between 30 and 50 percent.

Its Consequences

If your home’s RH gets too high or too low, it can have a significant impact on your home’s air quality and your overall indoor comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

An unbalanced RH will increase the number of allergens lingering in your home’s air. That’s because bacteria and viruses thrive in environments with high or low moisture. As a result, your family could start to experience allergy and asthma-like symptoms due to your home’s humidity levels. Some of these symptoms might include congestion, an itchy throat, dry skin, and more.

Temperature Perception

The lack of normal humidity levels in your home will also affect how cool or hot you feel indoors. When the levels of moisture in the air get too high, it causes your home to feel warmer – even if your AC is set to a cooler temperature. This can lead to discomfort and lower energy efficiency once you start to try to compensate with your air conditioning system.

The Solution

Your air conditioning works by removing moisture from your air while cooling your home. If even then, humidity levels in your home tend to be higher than recommended, you might want to consider a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers keep you comfortable by removing excess moisture from the air and preventing allergens from harming your air quality. As a solution to consistently high humidity, we offer a whole-home dehumidifier that is installed inline with your HVAC system.

At Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling, we care about your indoor comfort. Learn more about our expert indoor air quality and air conditioning services to ensure a comfortable and healthy summer season ahead.

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