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Is Your Furnace in Maumelle, AR Inefficient?

An inefficient furnace can inflate your utility costs and keep your family uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s essential to spot the signs of reduced efficiency to address the issue before it deteriorates. Below, we will explore signs of an inefficient furnace in Maumelle, AR.

Strange Noises

A furnace that is in good condition softly hums as it runs instead of making loud noises that can disturb your peace. Loud noises from your system often show that its efficiency has dropped. Common noises that you should look out for include rattling, banging, whistling and thumping.

A cracked heat exchanger and loose components may cause a rattling noise, while delayed ignition causes a banging sound. If your system has a clogged air filter, you may hear whistling noises, and an unbalanced blower wheel can cause a thumping noise.

Weird Smells

Your system should circulate clean air that is free from unpleasant odors. Some smells from your furnace that show there is a problem include musty, rotten-egg and burning odors.

A musty smell means there are biological contaminants thriving somewhere in your heat pump. Small holes in your ducts can allow the pollutants to enter and grow on these structures. A rotten eggs smell suggests that your gas is leaking, while a burning smell may arise from overheated components.

Cold Air or Uneven Heating

If your system cannot conduct its primary function, then its efficiency has dropped. A damaged pilot light, a dirty flame detector, a clogged air filter, thermostat issues and damaged ductwork are some reasons your furnace cannot supply warm air efficiently.

The more you ignore the signs, the worse things get. For instance, when delayed ignition occurs for a long time, the issue can damage the heat exchanger, which is costly to repair. Therefore, turn off the system immediately and schedule repair services whenever you detect weird sounds.

Call a professional whenever you detect these signs rather than choosing to complete the repairs yourself. Contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling for exceptional heating services. Our knowledgeable technicians will identify all problems and take care of them.

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