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A Smart Thermostat – Tops in Convenience and Savings

When the weather changes, our habits change with regard to the way we keep our homes comfortable. Spring means a shift from heating over to cooling, and if your home has an old-fashioned thermostat installed, you will have to manually adjust the settings to keep up with the swings in temperature. Sometimes that means you need heat at night and air conditioning during the day. Don’t you wish there was a better way?

There is! In recent years, home automation tools have come along to make controlling our homes easier, and smart thermostats in particular are great additions for homeowners who want to save time and money. Here are just a few of the ways a smarter, more capable thermostat can benefit you.

Lower Energy Bills

The weather isn’t always predictable, which puts older thermostats at a disadvantage. They can’t automatically adjust themselves to keep your home at the optimal temperature, and when your HVAC system uses more energy than it needs to, your energy bills get higher as a result. Smart thermostats are great additions for those who want to keep energy bills in check.

Remote Control via Apps

Have you ever left home and realized that you didn’t turn down your thermostat? This scenario is easily avoided with smarter, more intelligent thermostats with remote control features. Using a smartphone app, you can set your thermostat to whatever temperature you choose — even if you’re on an entirely different continent.

More Simple Programming

Programming an older thermostat can sometimes feel like a puzzle. One of the benefits of the more recent thermostats is that they were made in the era of smartphones and tablets, which means more thought went into making the user interface more simple. If you can operate your iPhone or iPad, you’ll likely have no issue getting a newer thermostat to do exactly what you need it to.

Visit Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling to learn more about smart thermostats or call (501) 764-9077.

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