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5 Reasons Your Home Needs Custom Ductwork

Leaky or damaged ductwork in your Cabot, Arkansas, home can lead to a wide range of problems. As air escapes through leaky ductwork, it increases energy bills and adds unnecessary wear and tear to the AC. With custom ductwork, you can reduce air loss, increase HVAC efficiency, and keep your heating and cooling expenses to a minimum. Custom ductwork also improves indoor comfort, increases the HVAC life span, and results in fewer costly repairs and replacements.

What Is Custom Ductwork?

The ductwork in a forced air HVAC system delivers air into your home’s living spaces. Both the design and installation of the ductwork greatly influence the HVAC system’s performance. A poorly designed or improperly installed ductwork system makes it difficult for the HVAC system to heat and cool your home. As a result, the HVAC unit operates in overtime mode to maintain your desired temperature. This leads to unnecessary wear and tear and expensive repairs and replacements.

One of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system is to reduce static pressure. You can achieve a reduction in static pressure when you leverage a proper design load calculation as it ensures your HVAC unit is the proper size.

Perfectly Sized for Your Home

Custom ductwork uses a radius duct design to increase the effectiveness of the HVAC system. Its design eliminates wasted corners and reduces the right angles. Simply put, custom ductwork is sized precisely for your home’s heating and cooling needs. Since no two homes are the same, it makes sense to install custom ductwork rather than using pre-fab ductwork.

A ductwork system that’s too small hinders the HVAC system’s ability to access the air it needs to heat and cool your home. This reduces indoor comfort and increases energy bills. A ductwork system that’s too big for your home may not seem like a drawback until you take into a consideration a very important factor. When the ductwork is too large, the air conditioner or furnace must produce extra air to push the newly heated or cooled air through the air registers. Custom ductwork, however, ensures the duct system is the perfect size for your home and the HVAC system.

Improved Zoned Heating and Cooling

In homes with zoned heating and cooling, the duct system will consist of normal duct cavities. If you increase the zone damper size before these cavities, you’ll get better airflow throughout each zone. Increasing the zone damper size requires custom ductwork. On the other hand, using a standard-sized duct system in a home with zoned HVAC puts a strain on the entire system. This, once again, gives rise to unnecessary HVAC wear and tear and may increase heating and cooling expenses.

Enhanced Air Balance

Poor installation is a common problem among standard duct systems. This problem often leads to faulty ductwork as well as a system that consists of multiple twists and turns. For every twist and turn, you lose proper air balance. With custom ductwork, the ducts are custom designed to your home’s exact structure, which enhances air balance throughout the entire HVAC system.

Heating and Cooling Benefits

You probably couldn’t care less about the looks and design of your ductwork as long it’s not hanging out in the open, right? What you do care about, though, is how much money you can save with custom ductwork. The answer to this question varies from one home to the next.

Custom ductwork can completely eliminate air loss, meaning your home is heated and cooled with the utmost efficiency. This not only reduces heating and cooling bills but translates into less wear and tear on the HVAC system. This notable advantage allows for fewer HVAC repairs and replacements, which increases cost savings even more.

Custom ductwork is available for both new construction and older homes. Contact Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling today at (501) 764-9077 to speak with a certified HVAC technician about adding custom ductwork to your house.

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