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As a business owner in Conway, Arkansas, one of your biggest responsibilities is to ensure the proper maintenance of your commercial building and their systems. Dirty ducts present the perfect conditions for the proliferation of allergens, bacteria, and fungi and can result in reduced work performance due to employees suffering from sinus problems, asthma, and allergies, or even increased sick leave. In addition, dirty ducts decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. Below, we will discuss signs that indicate your commercial ductwork is in need of professional cleaning.

Weak Airflow

Clogged, damaged or leaking ducts restrict the air from flowing freely through your vents. You may notice that the air isn’t flowing into your space as freely as before, or the area is not as cool as it should be. This is a good indication that your ducts need attention.

Dust Blowing Out

Have you noticed small puffs of dust blowing out of your air vents when you switch on your HVAC system? This is a sign that there is more dust where that puff came from. When you switch on your HVAC system and the ducts are clean, they will not emit any visible debris or dust. Visible dust can also be due to dusty air registers. If the problem remains after cleaning the air registers then, yes, it is time to have your ductwork cleaned.

Increase in Allergies

Because clogged ducts make it difficult for your HVAC unit to provide clean, fresh air throughout your commercial space, you or your employees may notice an increase in allergy or asthma symptoms. Only a professional cleaning service will address the issue successfully and improve air quality.

HVAC Performance Issues

Excessive buildup of dirt and debris can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. Dirty commercial ductwork results in higher cooling and heating bills. Having your ducts cleaned thoroughly by our professionals will improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

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