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Ice on your air conditioner can seem alarming, but this common issue is usually easy to resolve. Our technicians can help you identify the reason for ice on your air conditioner in your Little Rock, Arkansas, home and come up with an efficient repair plan. Follow these steps if you see ice on your AC unit.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner System

The first thing you should do when you see ice on your air conditioner is to turn the system off. Continuing to run the AC unit with a buildup of ice on it will do more damage and may lead to a more extensive repair than you would otherwise need. Shut off the HVAC system immediately when you see ice, and proceed with the next steps.

Check Your Air Filter

Check your air filter for any visible buildup of dirt and dust. If the filter is significantly clogged, this could be the source of your problem. A dirty air filter diminishes airflow through the system. If your cooling system doesn’t have enough airflow, the refrigerant-filled coils can become over-cooled, eventually icing over. Changing the air filter may solve your issue if it’s severely clogged.

Call the Professionals

If the air filter isn’t the issue, you may have a dirty evaporator coil that prevents the air conditioner from absorbing heat properly into the refrigerant. Regular maintenance can prevent this problem. Getting a tuneup each spring is the best way to keep your cooling system in good shape. Our technicians can help clean your system now to help you get through the rest of the cooling season.

Another common issue that causes icing is low refrigerant. This often indicates a leak. We can find and repair the leak to stop the refrigerant from seeping out of the system. We then will recharge the air conditioner so you can efficiently cool your home once again.

If you’re dealing with ice on your air conditioner, call Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling at (501) 764-9077. We’ll help you come up with an efficient AC repair plan.

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